From Out of the Night

In 1939 SIGMUND FREUD is dying of cancer in exile in London. He’s contacted by LENI who has also escaped Nazi Germany.  She has developed a maddening mental compulsion. Its roots lay in events that occurred in 1934 on the day she escaped, leaving behind her former boss and the love of her life--Communist maritime boss ALBERT WALTER-- to face SS interrogator KRAUS.

The play dramatizes those events and their aftermath.   But also deals with questions around the insanity of ideology and whether civilizations (and individuals within them ) are ultimately doomed to destroy themselves.


In the not too distant future, the Christian Right has successfully eroded the separation of Church and State in America. Congress has passed laws limiting non-Christian influences in the media. In order to avoid being relegated to a tiny one percent quota of Jewish writers, two Hollywood screenwriters undergo  Bible Study classes and a conversion process called REBIRTH with harrowing results.