Audience Award --  Sonoma International Film Festival



Aaron Redmon (Harry Hamlin) is an A-list movie star who is spinning out of control. He’s facing sentencing for a road rage assault and a drunk driving  beef. Rick’s wily lawyer knows that the judge is a big fan of Rachel Brock (Kristen Kerr), a meditation teacher who helped him curb his own demons. The lawyer convinces this attractive, centered young woman to take on Aaron as a private client knowing hoping to impress the judge.

Aaron uses every bit of his intense charm, his acting talent and seductiveness to throw her, manipulate her and get her to do what he wants.

Despite all her resolve, she’s not immune to his personal power. And her romantic feelings threaten everything she’s trying to accomplish with him. But, in the end, she persists, doing everything she can to show him that his narcissistic patterns are the cause of his unhappiness.  The question is— can they have a real relationship?

The film plays out in eight chapters. In each, Rachel either purposefully or inadvertently shows us one element of the Buddha’s Eight-Fold Path-- which is “The Fourth Noble Truth”.  This brilliantly acted little film dramatizes the real value of Buddhist practice in a heart-felt and well-told story.